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German Apple Pancake

 This is a slightly adapted version of a recipe I got when I attended a summer cooking class when I was in middle school.  Because of this, the instructions are very clear, so that even novices in the kitchen will be successful.  I have made this dish for family and friends many times, always to rave reviews, and I sometimes even make it just for me.  It is definitely best when served and eaten immediately upon removal from the oven, but leftovers surely won't go to waste.


Food Editor's Notes:  This is a fabulous dish for company or a special breakfast or brunch.  It is easy to make and looks very dramatic.  The pancake rises in swells as it bakes and looks gorgeous when it first comes out of the oven.  It will begin to settle as it cools, so serve quickly.  Bake the pancake on a rack in the middle of the oven – any higher and the peaks may hit the upper burners!  I usually place a serving of the pancake on each plate and then spoon some of the apples over it.  It can also be served with berries (delicious with strawberries in syrup!), or just cinnamon and sugar, instead of the apples.  My youngest son likes it with maple syrup!  kitesurfing kalpitiya
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